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Please note: I set up all memberships manually. Once you purchase a membership, the system will notify me and then I'll set up your account within 24 hours (usually much faster). I'll email you with your member login info once I set it up.

What is an Izzy Video Membership?

It's an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of video -- how to shoot it, and how to edit it.

Izzy Video members get:

  • Instant access to a large library of training videos - More than 200 video tutorials that show you the fundamentals of video.
  • Two members-only videos per month - I occasionally release free videos, but members always get two members-only videos per month in addition to any free videos I release.
  • High Definition videos - Most videos are available in High Definition format as well as the standard size.

Get Access to the Izzy Video Library

The Izzy Video Membership gives you access to a large library of more than 250 video tutorials!

My video library will become available to you once you sign up for a membership.

These are some of the subjects covered in the tutorials:

  • Composition guidelines such as The Rule of Thirds - Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, this one simple rule can make a big impact on the imagery in your footage.
  • Lighting guidelines such as Three Point Lighting - This is the most fundamental of all lighting techniques. Every video shooter should know it, and many of my video tutorials show you how to create a three point lighting setup, why you might want to create it, and several variations such as short lighting, broad lighting, and contrast ratios.
  • Audio Fundamentals - How do you get good audio with your video? What kind of gear should you use? All of these audio questions are answered in my video tutorials.
  • Editing techniques - I personally use editing software from Apple, such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor. My video library includes tips and techniques for all of these software packages.

Please note: The Izzy Video library of tutorials is separate from the stand-alone courses that I sell. The stand-alone courses (such as my courses on Final Cut Pro X and iMovie) are not included with a membership.

With over 250 videos in the member library, they cover a wide variety of subjects. Here are some:

Camera Angle Panning Dolly Shots The Difference One Light Can Make
Close-Ups and Wide Shots Cut Away Shots Sound Options Intro to Key Lights - Positioning
Hard and Soft Light Compression Techniques Prevent Audio Clipping Light Modifiers
Comparing Hard and Soft Light Travel Matte - Luma Shooting for the Small Screen Focus Using Blur
Louder Audio Time Remapping Bad Video Pleasantville Effect
Energy and Movement Interview Tips Guerrilla Sound My Sound Equipment
Single Frame Animation Background Basics Exporting for the Web Capturing Fireworks on Video
Creating the Ken Burns Effect in Final Cut Pro Outdoor Interviews Transitions Color Correction, Quick and Dirty
Film Look F-Stop Entrances and Exits Interesting Lines
Continuity and Screen Direction Three Point Lighting Working with Text Cutting
Capturing Better Color Exposure Opacity Using Room Noise

More than 250 videos available for download once you sign up for an Izzy Video Membership!

What people are saying about Izzy Video:

"As the owner of a small production company in Kansas, I can't tell you how helpful your site has proved to be... especially for training my new employees. It is mandatory now that all of my help review your tutorials. They are very concise and easy to understand. Thank you and keep up the great work."
-- Scott U.

"Outstanding videos... best $ I spent so far this year."
-- John S.

"Izzy Video allows me to review my skills and reminds me of techniques that I haven't used in years...These short tips should be used in film schools - he states in 3 minutes what some professors take 2 hours to present."
-- username: Tusconali

"These tutorials provide real world advice and examples that anyone can use to dramatically improve the quality of a production. The tips and tricks are things that the average person can pull off (some with a little more practice than others) without the need for expensive equipment investment. The time spent watching these tutorials will pay off with higher quality and greater awareness while behind the camera. Israel Hyman has nailed the style, content, and timing to make this series an award winner!"
-- username: V73C

"Izzy obviously plans his videos to give the most information in a short amount of time. Each episode has given me a lot of insight in how to take good video. I can also easily review a topic because of each topic being in a different episode. In other words, I don't have to shuttle through a long show to find the topic I need to review."
-- username: Rob

"The show is educational, informative, humorous and entertaining to watch. The podcast is so well constructed with the content and of course visuals! If I were to create a podcast, I'd do it just like this. I learn something with every episode...not kidding. Hope you do too."
-- username: Warner

Members-Only Content

Although I occasionally release free content, I consistently release two members-only videos every month. As an Izzy Video Member, you will automatically gain access to these members-only tutorials as well.

Yours To Keep Forever

If you sign up for six months, download all the past tutorials, and then decide not to renew, you still get to keep the files you downloaded. There is no DRM (Digital Rights Management). They do not expire. All I ask is that you don't share or distribute the files you have downloaded.

Zero Obligation to Renew

At the end of the 6 month membership, you will receive an email asking if you would like to renew. There is no automatic renewal. If you decide not to renew, no further payments will be taken.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your membership comes with a full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you sign up and then decide it wasn't worth the money, you can get a full refund. Joining is completely risk-free!

What Does It Cost?

The membership fee is currently $69 and is a one-time charge that subscribes you for the next six months. It's NOT a monthly charge. If you decide to renew after that, it's $36 for an additional year.